A People Business

At Beattie we never forget we are in the people business.

Most companies will tell you that their customers are their most important audience. For us, clients are the reason we exist but we only retain their business because of our people.

Our aim as a business is to be the most respected creative communications consultancy in the UK.

Our goal is to help our people be all that they can be.

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Why People Stay With Beattie

Why Work With Us

Attractive Rewards

We look after our people. On top of attractive salaries we offer private healthcare, bonuses, generous holidays, an additional half day for Christmas shopping and, of course, Nespresso coffee.

We are a family. Many of us have been together for a decade or more. When people leave, they usually return.

We recruit exceptional individuals and teams.  If you'd like to join us, email our chairman and tell him about yourself. We’re in the business of making dreams come true.

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Why Work With Us


In the Beattie family, individuals matter. We encourage everyone to be the best they can be and we work as a team to achieve our personal goals, realise our ambitions and have fun along the way.

We believe an attractive environment stimulates creativity. Our properties include an impressive Georgian townhouse in London, an ultramodern railway arch in Leeds, a Victorian villa in Glasgow, an office with a gym in Falkirk and a penthouse in Manchester.

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Why work with us


We have a culture that breeds success for our clients, our company and our people. 

Ordinary is not acceptable. When recruiting we look for extraordinary people who want to be the best they can be.

We hire people who love our culture. They are smart, talented, hard-working and passionate.

Our culture is not right for everyone so please read our culture handbook before applying for a job.

Why Work With Us


We place great emphasis on career development and lifelong learning. Our industry is moving so fast that we have to learn new skills to remain at the top of our game.  

We provide a minimum of three days residential training each year as well as on-going in-office training.

We have a high-tech training academy in Scotland as well as a stunning training facility in mainland Europe which overlooks the beautiful Mediterranean. Could it be time to progress your career with us? 

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Unconventional With Family Values

Our objective is to be admired as the most creative communications consultancy in Britain. That’s why we don’t feel obliged to conform. Innovation, creativity and original thinking are our hallmarks. When it comes to relationships, we subscribe to traditional family values. We try harder and we always deliver on our promises.