The graveyard is full to overflowing with brands that never quite made it. The tombstones stand row on row and span every sector.

They are testimony to brands that started with hope and expectation but ended with defeat, disappointment and disillusionment.

We understand brands and we know how to build them. A brand is much more than a logo.

A brand is the values a company lives up to - the promises it makes to clients, suppliers, investors and employees and the principles that guide how it does business.

We can help you create a brand that is not simply an eye-pleasing logo but an identity that truly reflects your values and promises.

Anyone can design a logo - that's easy.

It takes a team that understand brands to develop a true identity that reflects how the company does business and even enhances the company's financial value.

Before even thinking about your logo, we need to understand your company, what it stands for and where it's going.

We never create a brand in isolation. True brands are created when the branding agency partners with the client.

Branding: What We Do

  • Work with you on brand positioning
  • Help you develop your brand promise
  • Develop your brand personality 
  • Help set your tone of voice
  • Identify your brand differentiator
  • Work on your brand manifesto 
  • Create logos and straplines
  • Produce brand guidelines that will include your palette of colours, typeface and symbols


How can we help you?


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