We enable brands to become publishers of compelling content that reaches individuals and businesses and motivates them to find out more, so they become new clients or customers.

Content marketing may be a common buzzword but it can be more targeted towards the target audience than normal advertising and that's why it works!

No wonder so many of the world's leading brands are investing in aggressive content marketing campaigns and benefitting from a significant impact on their bottom lines.

The content marketing team at Beattie can help you: 

  • Devise your content marketing strategy
  • Originate unique and valuable content
  • Disseminate content across a number of the right platforms to suit your objectives
  • Optimise content to aid SEO
  • Drive prospective customers to visit your website, microsite and social media channels
  • Evaluate the ongoing impact of your content marketing campaign

When it comes to content marketing, meticulous planning and an effective strategy is essential to generate effective commercial returns.  

The Beattie Content Marketing Team

Our people are exceptionally talented and commercially creative. Our highly skilled team includes marketing strategists, brand builders, writers, broadcasters, video makers, digital developers and designers – all of which create valuable and engaging content such as:

  • Print and digital newsletters, newspapers and magazines
  • Word and video blogs
  • Webcasts and webinars
  • Apps, widgets, digital games and competitions
  • Whitepapers and eBooks that demonstrate thought leadership
  • Entertaining and informative videos and podcasts
  • Striking graphics and visuals

We integrate and optimise the content, distributing it according to the editorial calendar, across multiple media channels - the press, broadcast media, web media and, of course the social media in all its guises.

We keep score using leading edge media and web monitoring techniques and we constantly refine our content marketing strategies to ensure increasingly impressive results month after month.  


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