The Beattie PR team is made up of a large number of trained journalists, so it's hardly surprising that we are regarded as Britain's premier media relations agency.

Our team includes print, broadcast and online journalists. When it comes to grabbing the headlines in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and the internet, we are hard to beat.

  • We excel at media relations because our press, broadcast and internet media contacts are exceptional.
  • We know exactly what the press and media are looking for, so we supply them with angles that grab their imagination and stories that get broadcast and published.
  • We write news releases in the same way a journalist would write a news story. We don't write like PR people. Our news releases are never fluffy, they are attention-grabbing. Our news releases are always newsworthy and we expect them to be printed or broadcast word-for-word. 
  • We secure more media space than other PR agencies because we have our own film crew and photography team.
  • Our media relations team is not only superb at securing coverage, we are also exceptional at keeping stories out of the media. As former journalists, we know how the press and media think and act. As a result, we will not be bullied, pressured or tricked into revealing information our clients want to keep private.     

If you want to grab the headlines or stay out of the news - we are the media relations people to speak to.

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