All of our media training sessions are bespoke and focus on genuine issues that may affect our clients' businesses and executive team at any given time. 

This requires considerable preparation and research on our part, but ensures the executives entrusted to us have a truly beneficial experience that will pay dividends, particularly in the event of a crisis occurring.

We provide our clients with detailed information about the media in its various forms and how it operates, as well as giving practical advice on how to deal with media interviews.

By demonstrating some of the techniques and tricks of the trade journalists use to extract information from interviewees, we are able highlight some of the potential pitfalls of walking into a situation under-prepared.

Our aim is to test our clients on a range of issues and ensure they can effectively deliver their messages to the target audiences.

What Our Media Training Sessions Involve

Just because our clients pay us, we don't give them the answers they want – we make them think about how to deliver the answers they need. Beattie's media training sessions are hard-hitting and put executives under severe pressure to explain themselves to reporters and, ultimately, the general public.

Media TrainingBut we don't “rough up” our clients because it's important we build confidence and competence in front of the cameras. After all, a media interview, even one necessitated by a crisis issue, needn't always be a threat – it can also be an opportunity to drive home your messages and engender trust in your brand.

Our media training sessions can be held in a variety of locations – from a TV studio in central London to one of our nine offices across the UK to a client's own premises – in order to accurately replicate the conditions that would be encountered in a real-life TV interview.

Our media training team includes former journalists and social media experts.


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