Social media is constantly changing. Those that are successful realise that it is no longer a free to play space.

It may be free to create a profile but if you really want people to see and engage with your content you need to invest in social media advertising.

At Beattie, our clients have been seeing a return on their investment by allocating budget to social advertising.

From eCommerce clients to those in the travel and financial industries, we have managed social advertising across multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to help them increase sales, brand awareness and social engagement.

Our Social Advertising Services

We can manage everything from strategy through to creative and content creation - including video. Our social media advertising team sits within our digital team. In turn they work closely with their PR colleagues to ensure our clients latest campaigns reach the target audience through multiple channels.

We work with our clients in order to increase conversion rates. We do this by working on messaging, landing page optimisation and split testing. We are fully transparent in all our activity with our clients receiving regular reporting and insights.


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