We Are Much More Than A PR Agency

Beattie Communications is recognised as the most web-savvy public relations agency in the UK but our offering goes far beyond web marketing, PR and social networking.

We offer a heady cocktail of digital and traditional marketing services embracing advertising, direct marketing, event management, publications and call centre services.

In fact, we serve up an integrated package of more than 40 marcom services that ensure optimum commercial results for our 200 clients.  

Our work is not designed to win prizes. Our only desire is to generate amazing sales and brand-building results for our clients. Their plaudits are worth much more than 100 certificates on our boardroom walls.

We are proud of the fact that we represent some of the biggest b2b and b2c brands on the planet and that 63% of our fee income comes from clients who have been with us for a decade or more.

Clients stay with us because of the results we produce and the passion of our people. Our people are committed professionals whose only goal is to achieve total client delight.

We don’t do fluffy PR. We only do commercial. We are marketing realists who deliver exceptional results with efficiency, style and panache.

If you would like more information about how we can positively impact your brand, please contact me Laurna Woods on 0800 612 9890.


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Whether we are serving clients in the digital or traditional media, we always deliver outstanding results. We guarantee success and believe we are the only PR agency in the UK to do so.

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