UK Business News

03 March, 2015 16:40

Fiat boss wary over tech challenge

The traditional motor industry would be foolish to ignore moves by Google and Apple into car technology, says Fiat-Chrysler boss Sergio Marchionne.

03 March, 2015 16:20

Barclays annual profits fall 21%

Barclays reports a 21% fall in full-year statutory pre-tax profits, as boss Antony Jenkins is awarded his first bonus as chief executive.

03 March, 2015 19:08

Ukraine raises interest rates to 30%

Ukraine's central bank sharply raises interest rates from 19.5% to 30% in an effort to curb inflation and prop up its beleaguered currency.

03 March, 2015 10:59

Aston Martin targets female buyers

Aston Martin plans to broaden its range of cars to include new sportscars and a small SUV, to attract younger and female buyers.

03 March, 2015 20:36

Lotus pins profit hopes on new model

Troubled car manufacturer Lotus says it hopes the launch of its new supercar will prompt a turnaround in the company's fortunes.

03 March, 2015 16:35

Former Morrisons tax boss jailed

The former treasurer and head of tax at Morrisons supermarkets is jailed for 12 months after pleading guilty to two counts of insider trading.

03 March, 2015 12:34

Bank flags market abuse issues

The Bank of England has flagged 50 instances of potential market abuse following a shake up of how it operates.

03 March, 2015 11:00

UK construction growth accelerates

Activity in the UK's construction industry picked up in February, a survey indicates, with the sector's performance beating expectations.

03 March, 2015 13:02

Banks' PPI bill now totals £24.4bn

The bill for the mis-selling of payment protection insurance (PPI) by the five biggest banks in the UK has now reached a total of £24.4bn.

03 March, 2015 13:13

Plane battery ban over safety concern

United Airlines has announced that it will no longer carry bulk shipments of lithium-ion batteries as new tests reveal they could cause fires.

News reports courtesy of BBC News.

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