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We are all consumers. Each and every day we are bombarded with a myriad of brands shouting 'buy me'.

So how do you make your brand stand out from the crowd?

Speak to Beattie Communications or Only Retail and we'll devise traditional and internet campaigns that will not only get your brand noticed but drive footfall and sales.

Some of the biggest companies in the world use the Beattie consumer PR team and our consumer marketing specialists to positively impact their bottom line.

We have an unrivalled reputation in the FMCG sector and we look after more retailers than any other PR agency in the UK.

Companies like Marks & Spencer and Specsavers have trusted our consumer PR specialists, for more than a decade, to drive footfall into their stores and boost sales.

Brands like Chupa ChupsSmintRichmond Sausages and Edam cheese trust us to build brand fame, accelerate sales and increase market share.

Pharmaceutical giants like GlaxoSmithKlineMerck Serono and Pfizer trust us to educate the public on disease awareness.

Household names like Huggies choose Beattie Communications to undertake PR, spearhead social media outreach and monitor the internet.

Giants like Unilever use us to promote labels such as Simple, the skincare brand, where we deliver brand building PR and instigate product reviews that increase sales and market share.

Client relationships, as you know, are all about trust and responsibility.

Responsibility is, of course, the number one priority for our small specialist team, Only Kids, which promotes brands aimed at the 0 - 12 age group. They understand the children's marketplace and the critical communications issues clients face.

We also offer an advisory consumer panel comprising mums and dads, psychologists and educationalists who will put client campaigns to the test.

We, of course, go well beyond communications to deliver powerful integrated marketing strategies.

We offer nearly 40 marketing services including advertising, branding, media buying, market research and the fastest growing web marketing team in the consumer sector.

Only Web provides everything from website design to sophisticated web marketing strategies that embrace PPC, SEO, content marketing, video marketing and mobile advertising.

So why don't you pop us into your basket next time you go shopping for a consumer PR agency or a consumer marketing agency.

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