Employee Communications

Want to motivate your workforce? 
Beattie Communications can help.

Want to make your people more productive? 
We can show you how.

Want to win your employees' hearts as well as their minds?
We can help you inspire your people so that your customers notice the difference.

We understand the business environment is extremely complex and that companies have to work smarter if they want to lead the pack.

That means your people have to be more flexible, more agile and better informed.

Organisational change will only work in the long term if you understand the concerns of your employees and they buy into your business goals and objectives.

To be the employer of choice, you need to put your people first and you need to invest as enthusiastically in employee communications as you do in reaching customers.

We can help you become the employer of choice within your sector.

When we work with a client, we place a strong emphasis on understanding the culture which exists. Only when we have fully grasped the concerns of your employees, can we put in place a programme of communication which will bring about organisational change and deliver a 'can do'  culture.

Here are a few reasons why you may call us in -

  • You are involved in a merger or take over and you want to align two different cultures
  • You are transforming the business or rapidly growing the company
  • You are recruiting a substantial number of new employees
  • You have customer retention problems
  • You have too many unhappy customers
  • You have staff retention problems and are losing good people
  • You are downsizing and need to re-motivate the remaining employees
  • You want to lead the field

We can work with you to build a winning culture and we can help you communicate better with your employees.

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