The Beattie Communications SME PR team provides PR and marketing services to fast-growing ambitious companies employing up to 200 people.

Our mission is simple - to help you become more successful - faster. For most clients that means driving sales and boosting profits.

We are happy to get involved in any aspect of your PR and marketing including -

  • Putting in place an effective marketing strategy to boost sales and profits
  • Devising an internet marketing strategy to help you make money on the web
  • Raising your company's profile in the press and media to drive awareness and generate sales leads
  • Launching new products and services
  • Making your advertising more effective so that you drive out cost but produce better results
  • Building value into your business so that you are able to sell your company for top dollar in a year or two's time

We offer the full marketing mix including brand building, brainstorming sessions, market research, direct mail, telemarketing, copy writing, literature design and production, event management and much, much more.

What makes us different is that our focus is not on marketing itself but the impact effective marketing should have on your business - driving sales and boosting profits.

Over the years we have worked with scores of small companies to make them more successful - faster.

Many of these companies have achieved outstanding success in the UK and overseas.

A lot of these companies are still clients while some of our clients have sold their businesses for tens of millions of pounds.

When it comes to marketing entrepreneurial businesses, Beattie Communications certainly knows how to raise awareness, attract customers, drive sales and boost profits.


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Whether we are serving clients in the digital or traditional media, we always deliver outstanding results. We guarantee success and believe we are the only PR agency in the UK to do so.

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