A Lot Of Bull

At 14 metres high, the black bulls which tower over highways in Spain, are an arresting sight.

They were first erected in 1956 to promote brandy from the Jerez region of Andalusia.

But in 1994 the herd of 90 Spanish bulls were facing a grizzly end when the EU passed a law prohibiting roadside advertising of alcoholic beverages.

The nation was outraged and, following a vociferous campaign, the courts decided the bulls would be spared because they had become an aesthetic part of the landscape.

To comply with EU law, however, all references to the advertisers had to be removed.

Today most people have forgotten it was Osborne, a company specialising in the production of wine, spirits, Iberian pork and mineral water, that came up with the genius advertising idea.

It only goes to prove that a brand loses much of its potency if a product name is castrated from its brand image!