Facing The Crucible Of Fire

At some point in our professional lives we all have to face the crucible of fire when we are confronted with business issues that test us to the very core of our being.

We either burn to death in the flames or, at the very least, emerge singed from the experience. No one escapes unscarred.

The first emotion we feel is shock because crucible moments always seem to come out of the blue. When we come out of the paralysis that accompanies shock, our brains go into overdrive and we tend to picture the worst possible outcome.

The secret is not to dwell on the problem day and night but to remember that the fallout will never be as bad as you imagine.

Seek advice from those who are emotionally detached from the issue. They will put things in perspective.   

Finally, decide that you will prevail and draw comfort from the fact that you will emerge wiser and stronger from the experience.