Christmas Retail Marketing Guide

Santa Claus would love to find this publication in his stocking! Our Christmas Retail Marketing Guide is a must for every consumer brand wishing to drive up sales over the festive season.

Coca-Cola Laughing Man

Coca-Cola laughing man has had 500,000 views so far!

Branding Power

The power of branding…

25 greatest PR stunts of all time

The Drum’s 25 greatest PR stunts of all time. We were involved in the winning stunt via our client Equivital who were monitoring the health of Felix Baumgartner throughout his 23 mile fall through space.

Evian Live Young

A brilliant film from Evian.

Bergedorfer Beer

Men cherishing their beer bellies!

Yvette Jelfs

A winner for the racing season from hatmaker Yvette Jelfs.

Mrs Trump Speech

Political pundits having fun after Mrs Trump was accused of cribbing a line from Mrs Obama speech!


A fizzing launch from Chandon!

Range Rover

Using graffiti to launch a new Range Rover Vogue Knightbridge Edition.

Hearing Test

The old ones are the best! The 1998 ad from the Argentine Foundation of the Hearing Impaired is a howler!


Perhaps this appealed to us because of our Scottish roots!

Do It For Denmark

In Denmark birth rates have been falling for nearly two decades. Do it for Denmark is an ad that promotes Sunwing Family Resorts and may even boost the birthrate!


If you’re a fan of TV show Gogglebox and animals, this one from Wagg dog food will appeal to you.


Communicating a basic human truth is what effective marketing is all about. Puma found it in spades with their After Hours Athlete campaign which created a whole new sales category and had a massive impact on their bottom line.


The Luxor highlighters campaign - simple but smart!


Babies can’t tell you what they want or like so Contours, a Chicago-based 'baby gear brand', designed an exact adult-sized replica of their best-selling buggy and invited parents to test it out on behalf of their babies.

Your Plan

This is not a communications campaign but the message caught our imagination!

President Obama

A video of President Obama poking fun at himself


Yorkie pushing masculine association reminded us of an old schoolboy joke – isn’t it a good thing that Yorkie bars are made in York and not in Goole. Boom! Boom! (Goole is a town in the East Riding of Yorkshire)