Beware A Wiki Listing

It was a status symbol once-upon-a-time to have a
listing in Who’s Who – the four inch thick reference book
containing biographical details of influential people.

If you walked into an office and spotted the big red
tome sitting in reception, you could bet your bottom
dollar that the chairman or CEO was in it.

Who’s Who is over 160 years but the prestige that
was once associated with the book has been replaced
somewhat by personal listings on Wikipedia.

A wiki listing, however, can be a two-edged sword.

Sure, it will raise your visibility but your profile can be
hijacked by any Tom, Dick or Harry. You’d be amazed
at how often PR people have to swing into action to
correct spurious references that have been inserted by

If a professional profile on the internet is important, use
Linkedin or create a personal website. It guarantees
you are in control – not a saboteur!