Carpet Bombing Does Not Work

Carpet bombing the city of Rotterdam on May 14, 1940
resulted in the death of nearly 900 civilians, left 30,000
people homeless and led to the surrender of the Dutch

The allies subsequently used carpet bombing to attack
towns and cities across Germany. The goal was to break
the morale and resolve of the German people.

Some say the tactic deployed by Marshal of the Royal
Air Force, “Bomber” Arthur Harris, played a major role
in bringing World War II to an end. Others disagree.

Carpet bombing is still with us today. It’s used by
unscrupulous telesales people in an attempt to wear
down consumers and secure sales. Like Bomber Harris
they claim it’s a justified and effective strategy.

I disagree. Carpet bombing is irrational and irresponsible
and the damage it does to a brand is often irreparable!