The Responsibility Of The Marketer

In a blind tasting could you pick out your favourite wine,
beer, whisky, coffee or tea?

From a choice of three blended whiskies, I was pretty
confident I could identify my favourite – Johnnie Walker
Red Label.

Alas, it was a red face rather than a red label for me as
I got it totally wrong.

If blended whiskies taste much the same to an untutored
palate, why buy a premium brand when supermarket
own-label might be just as good?

The truth is we are paying for the personality of a brand
and all that it stands for rather than the taste of whisky.
Whether its drinks, food, fashion or cars, we buy the
brand that appeals to us.

It’s the marketer and brand creator who determine the
success or failure of a brand – not the product maker.
What a responsibility!