Try The Love/Hate Test

We live in a world where the words love and hate can
happily co-exist in the same sentence.

I am writing this, having woken up on a trans-Atlantic
flight. What do I love and hate about British Airways:

• I hate the way their pilots ding the seatbelt sign at
the slightest tremor of turbulence.

• I love the service provided by their cabin crew.

• I hate how BA is always trying to cut costs.

• I love the prices you can get by booking in advance.

• I hate the fact that the entertainment system
breaks down on every flight.

• I love how you can change the meaning of their
slogan To Fly To Serve by adding an innocent letter
O to the first word.

To learn some amazing truths about your brand,
ask 10 customers to take the love/hate test!