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Integrated Communications


We’re Beattie Communications, the integrated agency, where simplicity of thought rules supreme.

Our integrated communications services include PR, digital, social, content creation and content marketing.

Operating from 12 locations in the UK and Ireland, the Beattie Communications headquarters are in London.

Working with brands like Specsavers, Flybe and tech giant Philips, we debunk what’s complicated to deliver big ideas and transformational communications strategies that give our clients an exceptional return on investment.

Biggest Agency Footprint IN


We have the biggest office footprint of any PR, advertising, digital or integrated communications agency in the UK.

As well as London, we have 12 hubs across the country including Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow.

Our teams look after a diverse range of B2B, B2C and corporate clients, providing crisis communicationsdigital marketing, public affairs and creative services

Internationally, we have offices in Toronto, Victoria and Vancouver and a network spanning 100 business capitals including Beijing, New York and Brussels. 

Our Industry Specialists


We are an integrated communications agency with B2B, B2C, and corporate teams serving 12 industry sectors.

Healthcare, retail, technology, food & drink, travel and property are just a few of the sectors served by our marketing specialists.

We also have communications specialists serving the fashion, education,  environment, aerospace, public sector and professional services sectors.

Read about the impressive results our teams have delivered for our brilliant clients.



We probably have the biggest content creation team in the country.

Every day we create intuitive blogs, insightful podcasts, impactful graphics, impressive pictures and, of course, inspirational videos.

Here is our video of the week – enjoy!

You will find  more our films in our film library


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Incisive marketing strategies and innovative thinking make the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary integrated communications agency.

We are not simply PR, content, digital or advertising specialists.  We are a communications agency that unlocks the power of marketing with supreme simplicity.

Perhaps it's why clients say – we create brilliance!

It's Our People That Make

The Difference

At Beattie, the integrated communications agency, people are our most important asset. We feel like a family but play like a team with stars in every position.  

Winning is our culture and we’re proud that 20 of our senior people have been with us for a decade or more.

That stability enables us to build trusted commercial partnerships with clients we love and brands we adore.

If you’d like to join us, remember – we recruit only exceptional talent. 



Beattie was born 32 years ago and we continue to go from strength-to-strength by adding new talent, opening more offices and expanding our menu of services.

We've stood the test of time because of what we learned three decades ago - clients are the only reason we exist. Producing exceptional results and outstanding service is our number one objective.

What's our ambition? To be admired as the integrated communications agency that simply delivers.

Watch our video to discover our creative roots.

Our Social Purpose


Brands with a social purpose out-perform brands with no purpose.

We give something back by getting involved in our local communities, supporting great causes and developing the creative talent of the future - for free.

At Beattie Bootcamps in Scotland and Spain we train our clients’ people alongside our team and we provide on-the-job experience to scores of graduates and school leavers.

Bootcamp courses are led by renowned marketing experts and creative thinkers. To find out more, contact Elspeth.

The Laurna & Jessica Show


We’re delighted to bring you the second episode of the Laurna and Jessica show.

In this show, our marketing maidens discuss the voice search revolution, the latest change to the Facebook algorithm and what’s transforming mobile marketing in China.

This supercharged episode is not to be missed.  


from gordon beattie

Every day we bring you a Quote for the Day from our founder Gordon Beattie.

Demystifying marketing and debunking communications is what Gordon is all about. Going beyond complicated to reach simple is his mantra in life.

It’s your prerogative whether you agree or disagree with his conclusions.

His sole purpose is to get you thinking.

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A Blog from Laurna Woods

The power of Wow

We’re proud to bring you The Power Of Wow – an exhilarating blog from our CEO Laurna Woods.

Laurna always looks on the bright side of life. She sees the positive – not the negative, the good not the bad.

Occasionally, other members of Laurna's team share their positive thoughts as well.  

So delve in the next time you want to feel stimulated, inspired and refreshed!

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