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Thursday, 04 June 2020

One of the country’s leading corporate law firms is to partner with the business transformation team at Beattie Communications to fight the devastating commercial impact COVID is having on UK companies.

“We saw Beattie launch their business transformation team and decided to get on board,” said John Clarke, partner at Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie

“Like Beattie, our primary objective is to save businesses in Scotland and across the UK from going bust. What’s more, we want to ensure companies thrive, not just survive.”

Beattie launched its business transformation division two weeks ago after existing clients asked them to go beyond marketing and help them prepare for a post-COVID world.

“We’re currently providing business consultancy services to 12 companies across the health, entertainment, hospitality, retail and building sectors,” said Gordon Beattie, chairman of Beattie Communications.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with WJM and we look forward to working with them and others to ensure businesses get through the COVID crisis relatively unscathed.

“Some of our clients are booming and we’re helping them identify acquisitions and build for future growth. For a significant number, it will be a slow burn that may begin with downsizing and redundancies before a recovery gradually kicks in.

“Most businesses can survive COVID – if they start planning now. That means anticipating what the future may hold and putting a strategy in place for a world where social distancing is likely to continue for some time to come.”

John Clarke said: “Our task is to help companies cope with the new reality, whatever that means for them, during and after the lockdown.”

“Fighting the impact that COVID is having on businesses will become increasingly important as we emerge into a world that’s facing a brutal recession and perhaps even a depression.”

Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie  offer targeted business consultancy across multiple commercial areas including employment, tax, insolvency, restructuring and acquisitions & disposals. Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie has 5 offices in Scotland, including Edinburgh, Glasgow & Inverness

Founded in Scotland, Beattie has 16 offices in Britain, Ireland and Canada including London, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Belfast and Toronto.




For further information please contact Gordon on 0800 612 9890 or John on 07714 411412.