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Beattie Baby Bonanza

Monday, 30 March 2015

Beattie Communications has enjoyed a baby bonanza this month with a record of five new babies being born to the PR agency’s parents and grandparents.

Proud new mums Amanda Fry from the agency’s London office and Alyssa Rainer from the Essex office and new dad Martin Reid from the consultancy’s Falkirk office  were delighted to show off their new-borns .

Amanda was first to give birth when her beautiful twin girls Annie and Isabella were born on March 5. Alyssa then had handsome little Sebastian on Saturday March 7 while on March 18 lovely little Lara Reid was born.

Finally, finance director Linda Mitchell was celebrating the birth of her second grand-daughter Matilda on March 22.  She quipped: “It’s been an extremely productive time for everyone at Beattie Communications.”