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Beattie Communications Given Top Rating

Friday, 11 July 2014

Beattie Communications has been given the top rating by financial analysts Plimsoll.

This is what they said about us: “Congratulations, your company has been rated as “STRONG” in a new analysis of 682 UK PR Consultants. This is the highest accolade we award and reflects your excellent performance over the last 12 months.

“What is more impressive is that you have achieved this in a difficult marketplace where 129 of your competitors are in financial danger and a record number are making a loss.

“The Plimsoll model highlights the latest performance of each company and separates those in trouble from those getting it right.  You will be surprised at some of the established names that are in real jeopardy.”

Laurna Woods, group managing director, said: “We have the best PR, social and digital marketing team in the country and it’s always refreshing when your achievements are recognised by others.”

Beattie Communications is recognised as the UK’s most web-savvy public relations agency. Headquartered in London, Beattie is part of Only Group, one of the world’s most dynamic PR, social media and digital marketing independents.