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Beattie Communications Launches Linkedin Marketing Team

Wednesday, 05 December 2012

Beattie Communications is recruiting ten executives to join its dedicated Linkedin marketing team.

The agency was the first PR consultancy in the UK to establish a marketing and advertising team specialising in Linkedin.

The dedicated team has been set up as part of Beattie's Only Social Media business and today (05/12/12) the agency launched a recruitment drive for ten Linkedin Marketing Executives.

Gordon Beattie, chairman of Beattie Communications, said: "Linkedin may not be the sexiest social networking site but, for b2b companies, it can easily outgun other social media sites.

"My advice to b2b companies - divert your spend from Facebook and Twitter and invest it in Linkedin where you will get a far greater commercial return."

The Beattie Communications team is offering Linkedin marketing, Linkedin communications and Linkedin advertising.

Beattie continued: "Because Linkedin advertising campaigns are so precise, they can easily outperform Google advertising."

Other services offered by Beattie's Linkedin team include:

  • The development of follower networks
  • The monitoring of rival brands
  • Deep mining of the Linkedin platform to create databases for email marketing

Beattie Communications, a London headquartered PR agency, has eight offices across the UK including Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow. It operates over 20 businesses under its Only Marketing brand.



For further information please contact Gordon Beattie on 0800 612 9890.