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Beattie Communications Launches Luxury Marketing Team

Monday, 16 July 2012

Beattie Communications has launched a specialist luxury goods marketing team under its Only Marketing label.

Laurna Woods, Group Managing Director of Beattie Communications, said no one should be surprised at the decision to launch a luxury marketing team during a time of austerity.

She said: "We have done our research and the global economic downturn has impacted high net worth individuals much less than the rest of society.

"Discerning consumers continue to want the best that money can buy and our goal is simply to enable luxury brands to connect with people with high disposable incomes."

The luxury marketing team will be operate out of Only Marketing's London office although digital marketing support will come from Only Marketing's internet marketing team based in Scotland.

Heading up the luxury marketing team will be senior retail specialist Amanda Fry. She said: "We already look after our fair share of designer and luxury brands so setting up a specialist marketing team is a natural progression."

Only Marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing agencies in the UK. It has specialist teams serving the retail, kids, male, female and health sectors.

Beattie Communications is regarded as one of the most entrepreneurial marketing and communications groups in the country. It has eight offices in the UK including its Glasgow PR, London PR and Leeds PR offices.



For further information please contact Laurna Woods on 0800 612 9890.