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Thursday, 21 May 2020

Beattie, the integrated communications agency, has launched a business transformation division that’s swung into action to help companies hit by the coronavirus lockdown.

The business transformation team includes senior directors Wayne Silver, Chris Gilmour, David McCavery, Nicole Amiel and chairman Gordon Beattie who said: “We’re busy helping clients plan for the relaunch of their businesses as the lock down is gradually lifted.

“Some of our clients are booming and we’re helping them build for future growth, for others, it will be all systems go as they rev up their marketing to make up for lost time and sales.

“For a significant number, it will be a slow burn that may begin with downsizing and redundancies before a recovery gradually kicks in.

“Unfortunately, it will be game over for troubled businesses that have no income or reserves. Fortunately, most businesses will survive – if they start planning now.

“That means anticipating what the future may hold and putting plans in place for a world where social distancing is likely to continue for some time to come.

“Our task is to help brands and companies cope with the new reality, whatever that means for them, during and after COVID.

“Saving lives has to be the No1 objective for us all but fighting the impact that COVID is having on businesses will become increasingly important as we emerge into a world that will face a brutal recession and perhaps even a depression.”

David McCavery said: “This pandemic will not just change the shape of businesses going forward, some of the brands we’re working with, are reviewing their values, positioning and purpose.

“Corporate and social responsibility will assume much greater importance as brands move into a brave new world.”

When asked why a communications agency is working in the business consulting arena, Wayne Silver explained: “Each of us has had the benefit of working with some of the biggest and most successful brands in the world. We’re putting practical strategies in place to guide the continued success and, in some cases the survival of some of our clients as the pandemic eases.

“Our recovery strategies may involve brands trimming their sails for a period, looking in new directions for business or implementing digital campaigns to drive new sales. Every client is different and so are the strategies we’re developing for them.”  

Beattie is working with clients across the health, entertainment, hospitality, retail and building sectors.  

Headquartered in London, Beattie has 16 offices in the UK and Canada including Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Belfast and Toronto.



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