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Beattie Launches New Marketing Advertising Brand

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Beattie Communications, one of the UK's leading PR agencies, is moving into the world of marketing and advertising with the launch of a new global marketing brand.


The Only brand was unveiled yesterday (Saturday, September 18) at the Beattie conference in Scotland which was attended by 50 staff from the UK and overseas.


The Only Marketing website went live at the conference. Only will provide a full range of traditional and digital marketing services to clients in the UK and around the world.


Only Marketing is the umbrella brand and up to 20 specialist websites will be rolled out over the coming year. Among the first will be:


  • Only Advertising
  • Only Branding
  • Only Publications
  • Only Direct Response
  • Only Web Marketing


"Over the past 12 months we have been offering a wide range of marketing services to our PR clients," said Beattie Communications chairman Gordon Beattie.


"At the same time, we launched our global educational marketing business - 11tenGroup. 


"Both initiatives have been highly successful with Beattie clients indicating that they like our one-stop-shop approach.


"11ten broke the £1million fee barrier after only 10 months but what's even more encouraging is that 70% of 11ten's clients come from outside the UK. We have secured business from universities and educational providers in the UK, US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


"As a result, Only will become a global marketing brand. The core marketing team of 20 have an intimate knowledge of country-specific markets around the globe. A key remit of Only will be to help clients penetrate markets around the world."


Beattie Communications will continue to be the group's core PR brand, 11ten will continue as the headline brand in the educational sector and dmarkable, the group's successful internet marketing brand, will run alongside the Only Web Marketing brand.


Gordon Beattie added: "Over the past year we have grown our revenues and our profits and we are looking to the future with a great deal of anticipation and excitement."



For further information please contact:


Gordon Beattie 07768 588163