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Beattie Launches Twitter Drive

Wednesday, 02 September 2009

Beattie Communications, Britain's most web-savvy PR agency, is helping clients exploit the commercial potential of Twitter.

The PR and web marketing agency is offering two different approaches:

  • Planning and implementing Twitter campaigns for clients
  • Teaching clients how to run their own Twitter campaigns

Chairman Gordon Beattie said: "Both approaches can be equally effective. Some clients prefer us to run Twitter campaigns on their behalf while others want to do it themselves.  Whatever they choose, we are pleased to pass on our expertise."

More than 30 million people are now registered Twitter users and the number is multiplying with each passing day.

"The commercial potential of Twitter is enormous," added Beattie. "Some of our clients are generating up to 8% of their new sales opportunities from Twitter.

"I firmly believe that most companies should have a Twitter page as part of a digital networking strategy to drive sales and improve customer relations."

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