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Thursday, 17 December 2020

Beattie, the integrated communications agency, is throwing a lifeline to creative agencies struggling to survive because of the impact of the C19 pandemic.

“More than 500 creative agencies in the UK will not see next Christmas because of the impact the COVID has had on their businesses,” said Gordon Beattie, chairman of Beattie Communications.

“It will be a tragedy if these once-thriving agencies crash and burn and I don’t want to stand on the sidelines and watch that happen.

“My message to agency owners fighting for survival is – get in touch and we’ll see if there’s anything we can do to save jobs and livelihoods.

“Beattie Communications has come through the pandemic stronger than we went into it, so we’re in a great position to save troubled agencies.

“As well as having cash to invest, we have the management expertise to acquire and turnaround failing businesses.

“We are standing by to save PR, digital, social, advertising and content creation agencies. If you’d like to talk, call me on 0800 612 9890.”

Beattie Communications has 10 UK offices including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Belfast and Glasgow.  




For further information, contact Gordon on 0800 612 9890.