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Beattie's Thought For Day Becomes Essential Reading

Monday, 30 November 2015

Gordon Beattie, chairman and founder of creative communications group Beattie, has written an insightful new business book.

Entitled “Thought For The Day”, it contains Beattie’s daily musings about marketing, branding and creativity.

Crammed with inspirational stories, sound advice and innovative communications ideas, the book is the perfect recipe for building brands and outgunning the competition.

Ex-journalist Gordon has enjoyed a successful career building Beattie into one of Britain’s most dynamic integrated PR and digital communications agencies. Headquartered in London and with eight offices across the UK, its clients include many of the world’s biggest brands.

The book draws upon insights and learnings gleaned from working at the communications coalface with brands such as Marks & Spencer, Specsavers and Hewlett-Packard.

Gordon said: “Over the past 30 years we have mounted memorable marketing campaigns for thousands of clients. Every performance is dissected to discover what we could have done better. It’s the wisdom taken from our campaigns that I’m passing on.

“As an agency, we celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes. Lifelong learning and continuous creative innovation are the two main reasons why our campaigns are so powerful.

“Our agency is in a constant state of evolution and as chairman I see it as my role to pass on knowledge and experience in order to ensure that marketers do not tumble into the same bear pits that I fell into.”

The veteran PR man has evolved from a print journalist in Scotland to a pioneer of integrated multi-channel communications, employing more than 100 people across his network of offices. But despite his lofty presence as group chairman, he still leaps out of bed each morning with the same sense of purpose.

Beattie added: “I hope my book will inspire people to think more deeply about the marketing and communications industry which I love. I would hate them to agree with all my conclusions but if it sparks creativity and innovative thinking, my book will have served its purpose.

“My musings are upbeat and refreshing – the perfect way to get a work day off to a sparkling start.”

Gordon Beattie began life as a trainee reporter in the Wishaw Press before setting up a freelance news agency serving national newspapers, radio and television stations.

He first got involved in PR after a businessman paid him £300 to write a news release. He went on to found creative communications consultancy Beattie, international student recruitment agency 11ten and the Only series of specialist marketing boutiques whose businesses include Only Retail, Only Health, Only Travel, Only Property and Only Crisis.

This is Gordon’s second book. His first, entitled The Gift, was co-written by fellow-journalist Terry Houston. It told the true story of Scottish girl Marie Queen who became the first blind-from-birth teenager to be given the gift of sight.

Thought For The Day is not available in bookshops but it can be downloaded on Amazon.

Issued by Beattie