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Thursday, 30 April 2020

Laurna Woods, the CEO of Beattie Communications, is our Employee of the Month after being endorsed by over 90% of colleagues in the company.

The monthly award normally goes to a young colleague who has gone above and beyond in the service of a client. It has never gone to anyone as senior as the CEO.

“This is unprecedented,” said Chairman Gordon Beattie. “But I can’t ignore the will of our people after being inundated with glowing tributes to the boss.

“Laurna has led from the front since the coronavirus lockdown began.  She has kept everyone’s spirits up, ensured we’re all inspired, ensured clients were happy and had caring conversations with our furloughed colleagues.

“She’s volunteered to join me in taking a salary holiday and, if necessary, invest her own savings in the business. No wonder I was swamped with messages of praise.”

Here are a few of them from people in the Beattie family around the world…

Emma Laye in Manchester said: “Laurna is our Rock! She doesn’t falter, even in the face of COVID-19.”

Avril Matthews in Victoria, Canada said: “Laurna leads with her brain and her heart – a perfect and unusual combo for a CEO of an international company.”

Rachel Gladwin in Leeds said: “Laurna has been available 24/7 to help us all. I don’t know how she does it. Personally I don’t think I could have got through these last few weeks without her.”

David McAvery in Belfast said: “Her supportive, empathetic leadership has been exemplary in the most challenging of circumstances.”

Lucy Coughlan in London said: “I’m proud to work for Laurna and learn from her every day. I’m very thankful and grateful for the sacrifices she’s made recently to ensure Beattie people can remain working.”

Sarah Ballantyne in Glasgow said: “Laurna is a courageous leader who works tirelessly for the company and for us and she’s also a total babe into the bargain.”

Laurna said: “I’m truly humbled by this unexpected gesture. I’m so proud of everyone in the Beattie family – they are, without doubt, the most able and supportive marketers in the world.”