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In our always-on world change is inevitable. There is no crystal ball to predict the future but insight, trends and the ability to swiftly adapt to change is key to survival.

The biggest opportunity for businesses is to future proof and stay ahead of curve by investing in their lifeblood - people - a sure fire away to successfully face the future.

With more than 30 years’ experience, the team at Beattie has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world to coach, mentor and create training programmes to strengthen and empower businesses. Ranging from small training workshops, to advising boards and guiding customer facing teams – it’s essential that everyone feels confident and equipped to confidently deliver business goals.  

If your business is about to undergo significant change or your team could do with a creative re-set ahead of a new brand launch, the team at Beattie is what you’re looking for – highly informed, energetic and passionate communications professionals.


The team at Beattie has delivered training and built programmes full of industry insights for brands in the charity, legal, fashion, food and drink banking and finance, FMCG, renewables and transport sectors.

  • Is your industry being disrupted by pressure groups?
  • Does your team need a helping hand in being more creative to remain ahead of competition?
  • Do you need help converting your social media audience into loyal customers?
  • What about dealing with the fall out of a crisis that has altered the public’s perception of you?
  • Are you about to embark on a complete overhaul of your business internally and need the support to secure commitment from stakeholders?
  • Introduction to PR and communications
  • Crisis management
  • Social media workshops
  • Creative brainstorms
  • Enhancing internal communications programmes
  • Sharpening presentation skills and building confidence
  • Developing digital strategies

We don’t use a templated approach to deliver our training programmes – we’ll build a tailored solution that is focused on meeting your requirements, whether that be improving employee performance, increasing productivity, encouraging creativity and boosting levels of engagement across your business.

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