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Social Media Marketing

Get Your Rewards

If you’re not getting the results you want from social media marketing, it’s time to speak to us.

We’ll review and renew your social media strategy, build brand fame and deliver an effective commercial return.

To join the conversation – speak to us. To reach the right audience – leave it to us. To get more sales from social media advertising – talk to us.

No social media agency is more commercially savvy than us.


Social Media Strategy

The Right roadmap

If you’re not getting the returns you want from social media marketing, the chances are your social strategy is wrong and your research is flawed.

We’ll use our in-depth research and social media listening technologies to connect with your most receptive audience and develop a persuasive strategy for engaging with them.

We'll ensure your social media advertising campaigns outshine your competitors.  When it comes to social media marketing, no one is more strategic than us.



Are you interested in trailling Facebook advertising or simply looking for tips on how to correctly utilise Facebook as an advertising platform?

Our team has produced a Facebook Adverting Guide which will provide you with valuable information on campaign objectives and advert formats. We have also included useful hints and tips to support the success of your campaigns.

Get your Copy 

Social Media Brand Building

Covering All Angles

As a social media marketing agency, we’ll build your brand by creating and seeding shareable content on the most effective social platforms.

We’ll build your brand by connecting with influencers and by subtly leading the conversation, not just joining it.

We’ll build your brand by instigating social media advertising campaigns that drive sales.

No one builds brands on social better than us.

Social Media Content

to grab attention

Is your social media content impactful enough?

If you’re not sure, ask yourself one question – would I share it?

If the answer is "not sure", your social media content is not good enough.

If you need better content, we’re the people to speak to.

We have an army of talent just waiting to create the words, sounds, pictures and videos that will make  an impact.

No one creates better content than us.

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Social Media Advertising

to drive sales

If you want more sales from social media advertising, you should talk to us.

We’ll develop the most effective social media marketing strategy to accelerate sales from your social advertising.

What's more, we’ll ensure you win more business month after month.

No one knows more about driving sales on social media than Beattie.


Social Media Monitoring

Protecting You 24/7

Social media platforms should carry a danger alert, warning brands that they can be sliced and diced in the blink of an eye.

It’s why you should be monitoring social media sites 24/7 and stepping in before things get out of hand.

Speak to us if you don’t have the resources for round-the-clock monitoring.

The world never sleeps and neither do we. No one knows more about keeping brands safe on social than Beattie.