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Beattie Beats a path to happier, healthier staff

By Kenny Angove

I’m a bit of a running nerd.

I can talk at length about negative splits, threshold runs, and hill-sprints. I can even say fartlek (the Swedish word for speed play) without so much as a snigger.

But I’m also very aware that not everyone shares my enthusiasm for this simplest of sports.

So I was a little apprehensive when I sent out an email suggesting we start a weekly run-club from Beattie’s Glasgow office.

But here’s how I sold it to my PR colleagues...

Things have been going pretty well recently at Beattie, the Creative Communications Group.. The company enjoyed a record year in 2016 and recently landed a host of big name new clients.

So far so fartlek (sorry). But what this success has also meant is that we’re an office of busy little bees. And in these heady times it can be hard to lift your head, never mind yourself from your desk.

But here’s the run... exercise is good for you.

I’m a big fan of sportswear brand Asics (I could tell you how their fibres chafe a little less than other big brands but I won’t). One thing I particularly like is their brand name. Asics is derived from an acronym of, "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano", meaning “A Sound Mind In A Sound Body”.

At Beattie we’re lucky enough to have one of the most beautiful river walkways in Scotland just minutes from our front door on the banks of the famous Clyde.

So that was how I sold it - sky, trees, rivers, mud, puddles, sweat – being outside as a team exercising is good for us, as individuals and as a company.

And do you know what? It worked; our office took to it like a PR to an awards do.

Every Thursday at 4pm a group of us down tools and hit the trails for Beattie Beats, as we’ve christened the club.

Health and well-being are big buzzwords in the corporate world at the moment.  Companies will adopt all manner of initiatives in a bid to make their employees “happier” at work.

It’s gotten to the stage where having a slide or fireman’s pole in the office is a cliché.

But Beattie Beats is much more than PR. And while there is an on-going fashion parade of leggings pounding their way along our weekly route this is definitely more work-out than work-pout.

Running is infectious and I’m suggesting to our other offices to get out and explore their surroundings as a run group.