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Beattie Rising Stars: A welcome to Sophie

By Laurna Woods

Sophie Currier has joined our team as a Junior Artworker, having previously come to us as an intern.
Harnessing new talent is what we're all about, and many of the staff at Beattie have arrived as work experience or interns, fresh out of college or university.

At our recent Beattie Conference, we announced an exciting new programme called Beattie Rising Stars, in which we hope to do more to attract new and upcoming talent to our offices.

More will be revealed about that in due course.

But in the meantime, I'll hand you over to Sophie to introduce herself.



My name is Sophie and I am a recent design graduate from the University of Edinburgh. 

A little over two months ago I stood in a big echoing hall, collecting a piece of paper which represented the end of my educational career. Throughout university everyone warns you that true adult life is scary. But those words mean next to nothing when you're still under the security blanket of regular tuition, blasé deadlines and student finance.

However, as soon as I stepped off that stage I was overwhelmed by a feeling that is common among graduates - uncertainty. 

Last month I made a spontaneous decision to move from Edinburgh to Glasgow and, determined not to waste my degree, worked hard to create a CV and portfolio to find work. Not long after doing so, I received an incredibly friendly phone call from Beattie Group offering me the chance to become an intern in their design team. So few companies are willing to take a chance and offer experience to graduates in my position, so the opportunity was invaluable. 

Later that week I stepped into the Glasgow office and was greeted by some of the friendliest people, who set me to work almost instantly. I'd heard that Beattie has a family atmosphere and I couldn't agree more. 

Over the past three weeks I have worked on a number of exciting design projects and gained exposure to valuable client work. The work is fast paced, but the family atmosphere makes me comfortable to ask questions, and my team has contributed towards my growing confidence in my abilities. 

I'm hugely proud (and still slightly in shock) to say that I have just been named as the new Junior Artworker at Beattie and am therefore a permanent part of the team!! 

Following graduate life uncertainty, I now know one thing for sure - Beattie is the perfect place to start my career and I'm excited to find out what the future holds. 


If you'd be interested in doing a work placement at Beattie, drop us an email at recruitment@onlybeattie.com