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Beattie’s ringing the changes for corporate branding

By Jessica McAndrew

We unveiled our new logo today, corporate branding designed for us, by us. It’s the result of a process we’ve perfected over the years working on rebranding projects for clients of our integrated communications agency.

Clients in the UK, Germany and North America are using our branding services at the moment. We’re bringing our marketing and creative skills to bear by summing up each business in a few lines and colours on a page, screen, shopfront or fleet of vehicles.

Branding is a hot topic at the moment because a lot of companies are realising they are at a point where their brand positioning may need to evolve. That desire could be driven by economic or political factors or because their offering has evolved – the reason why Beattie decided it was time for a fresh look.

We’ve evolved, changed shape, and increased our service offerings, which means we’re not the company now that we were when we started out. We’re no longer solely the PR specialists we were when we started out as Beattie Media.

Now, we’re in digital marketing, content marketing, social media, web development and design and so much more. We’re Beattie, the integrated communications agency.

We’d changed our name and changed our culture but our corporate branding remained the same. It was time for a makeover – time to physically restate who we are and what we do.

A brand is more than a logo

But that is not as simple as dashing off a new logo that we think looks good. A lot of people think “logo” when they think “branding” but they are not the same thing.

In these circumstances, I like to point to Nike as an example of how a logo is just one facet of branding – you see the Swoosh, know it means Nike, think “Just Do It” and associate all that with sport, fitness and comfortable sportswear.

Your brand should be able to stand apart from your logo, its message clear whether your logo is shown or not. A brand is an ethos, not just an image.

As we take clients using our branding services through the process, we always help them to define their brand identity as more than the logo.

Branding and identity

Business owners and company employees tend to understand their brand, its values and proposition. But often times there’s a disconnect between what the company and its customers, which is why we take our clients (and recently, ourselves) on a full brand journey to ensure that what we know about ourselves is properly communicated to our customers and prospects.

We start by examining company values and turn a statement of intent into a clearly defined vision, mission and promise. 

We’ll take a close look at customers, defining audience segments to illustrate customer traits – what they look for in a brand and why From our analysis, we can define the brand’s tone of voice and outline brand guidelines that can be adapted and applied to each audience segment.

Then it’s a case of putting all of these elements together to define a written brand description and visual representation.


New modern design

Our design and branding team worked together to create a visual language of colours and symbols to represent our brand, contributing elements to a final design that aims to emphasise the coherent approach of the integrated communications agency.

The new modern design can be easily adapted for us across multiple platforms – it’s futureproof. We can use just the Beattie wordmark without the bell logo, or the bell independently, giving our branding flexibility no matter the size or shape of display it features on.

The colours are one of the most crucial parts of the Beattie rebrand. They represent our integrated offering, our ability to be anything our clients want us to be – be that a digital marketing agency, branding experts, content creators, retail sector public relations specialists or crisis management experts, to name a few.

We bring those colours to bear in the familiar shape of the bell, which harks back to our heritage while demonstrating what we are now thanks to its refreshed image.

The Beattie wordmark has switched from all capitals to sentence case, which helps express our friendly and personable voice. And within it, the letters E, A, T, T and I are conjoined to represent the integration.

The B and E give us the word “be” – and as our showreel film demonstrates, we can be integrated, be specialist, be expert and be across the UK. That emphasis is really important: it shows we can be more.

The advantage of intimacy

We had an advantage in redefining our own brand that allowed us to turn around this project remarkable quickly – we understand what we do and who we are intimately.

It is only by becoming intimate with what a client is, wants, and aims to be that we can successfully deliver a rebranding exercise, or any other aspect of our integrated communications services.

Of all our skills, getting to know people is perhaps the most important.

To find out how we push the boundaries of PR, marketing, digital and web design to get the best for our clients, call us now on 0800 612 9890.