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Content marketing is just as vital content creation

By Laurna Woods

We always attract a barrow-load of applications for every job we advertise at Beattie Communications.

Nonetheless, I was overwhelmed to receive more than 60 submissions for a videographer job in our bustling film team.

While the number of people who got in touch was impressive, I was utterly dumbstruck at the quality of the showreels submitted by both newbies and long-in-the-tooth professionals.

The films I saw were outstanding.

When it comes to creative quality, no wonder the British film industry is more than able to compete with the best Hollywood has to offer.

What especially delights me is that universities like Edinburgh are spawning a new generation of film maker capable of working anywhere in the world. They are producing ambitious young people who are properly schooled in the art of telling a story on film.

What disappoints me is that the outstanding work they produce is seen by only a handful of people – probably friends and family.

Perhaps that’s were our film schools could do better. There is no point in producing films that no one sees.

I would, therefore, urge our educationalists to teach our young graduates, not just how to make films but how to market their movies.

Of course, it’s a sin most commercial brands also commit. So many companies create great film content that no one sees. It’s like having an art gallery that no one visits.

Companies are fond of trumpeting the fact that they do content marketing. Unfortunately, most of them are into content production, not content marketing.

Each of the films we produce for clients attracts thousands, if not tens of thousands of views. Content creation on its own in worthless. Content married to marketing is what it’s all about.