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Does your brand have Lovemarks?

By Laurna Woods

Are you in the mood for love?

Valentine’s Day has many of us gearing up for a bit of romance.

But what about brands?

Long before John Lewis began pulling at our heart strings with their soppy Christmas adverts, our chairman Kevin Roberts realised that brands needed more than respect from consumers – they needed to win their love.

The future beyond brands is Lovemarks.

Well-known brands generally command respect. But in order to be truly successful, they need to invoke a long-lasting emotional connection with the consumer.

Not here today, gone tomorrow infatuation. But a deep and lasting love. The kind of emotional connection which will instill a lifetime’s devotion.

In order to have Lovemarks, they need high respect and high love.

Here’s a brief explanation of Kevin’s Lovemarks vision. 

Commodities and items which can be differentiated on little more than price have low respect and low love. Think of public utilities, metals, sand. They all have their place, but generate little brand heat.

Then there are those brands with low respect but high love. These are the guilty pleasures, the faddy but likeable brands like Mills & Boon novels. We love them but probably wouldn’t admit that in public!

Most brands fit in the high respect but low love category. They are solid and reliable, and exactly what customers have come to expect from products.

But the breakthrough comes from creating a position of high respect and high love from the consumer market. This is Lovemarks.

Consider where your brand figures on the Love/Respect Axis.

Lovemarks are super evolved brands which inspire loyalty beyond reason. They create the energy of lifetime relationships, they belong to the customers and are the ultimate profit generators.

Great brands are created with love, inspiration and emotion. Forget the formulas and processes of building up a brand, and make those crucial emotional connections.

So how does a brand achieve Lovemarks?

Through the trinity of mystery, sensuality, and intimacy.

Business is now all about creating a ‘movement’ of people with shared values. That is done by figuring out how to add mystery, sensuality and intimacy, to make the brand adored.



Lovemarks are wrapped in great stories. They are infused with iconic characters, combining past, present and future. They tap into dreams and aspirations. When people are starting fan websites and trading collectibles, a brand is close to the mystery of being a lovemark.



Lovemarks make people want to reach out and touch them. They make consumers feel through their senses. Brands should challenge themselves to appeal to the senses through product development and design to packaging and advertising.



There’s an intimate connection which the consumer feels with the brand. A need for it. A sense of loss when they don’t have it. There has to be a sense of community, loyalty and a long-lasting relationship to get this third element correct.


George Sand stated: “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.”

Love is not something any of us can seek with a formula or set of rules. It’s about feelings, emotions and unquantifiable elements.

But we can open ourselves up to love by being emotionally in tune, by making connections and sharing a history as well as a vision for the future.

This applies to brands as much as individuals. So ask yourself...




Kevin Roberts has worked with brands to make them Lovemarks. Using his ethos we know what makes a lifetime commitment. Contact us now on 0800 612 9890 to start your company’s romance with the consumer.