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Five career resolutions you should be making

By Laurna Woods

Five resolutions for marketing success in 2017


It’s another New Year and the resolutions are flying around like confetti.

We all promise at this time of year to improve ourselves – our careers, our bodies, our relationships.

But according to a recent survey, by the end of January, 46% of us have let those resolutions fall by the wayside.

When it comes to a career in marketing, there are ways to be productive which can appear quite simple and obvious from the outset – yet so many of us don’t do them.

My tips for marketing success 2017 involve five key steps which are manageable, memorable and magical if implemented.

And they will probably work just as well in many other career environments too.


Rise early

Get the best out of the day by setting it up properly. Feeling rushed does nothing to increase productivity at work. So give yourself some breathing space in the morning and find a routine that works for you - incorporating reading, exercise, meditation, writing, or just simply a good breakfast. This will be your clear thinking space. Tackle tougher tasks in the morning before you burn out mentally. Some of the world’s most successful people are very early risers.


Stay focused

We all start the New Year with fresh focus, purpose and a resolve to concentrate on the important things. But it’s easy to get distracted or drawn into matters that don’t require attention and can be handled by others. When it comes to time management methods, it’s just as important to stop doing certain things as it is to focus on what really matters. Re-align every day and remind yourself how you can add most value in your role.


Be creative

It’s easy to become immersed in day-to-day activities and forget to look outwards. Set aside time each week - or each day if you can manage it - to explore what’s going on in your professional world, who is succeeding, how are they doing it, what new technologies are emerging, what are clients/customers looking for? Seek global inspiration which you can bring into your own environment to boost productivity and stay ahead of the game.


Simplify life

How can technology make your life easier? If you’ve no time to read, what about audible books you can listen to in the car? Invest in an Amazon Dot and have Alexa run your to-do lists and manage your calendar while you prepare dinner. Look into time saving apps which help you work more efficiently. Access to life changing technology has never been better, easier or cheaper, so what are you waiting for? They are perfect as time management techniques and for managing stress. Explore what’s out there!



Regardless of age or stage in your career, effective delegation is a critical factor in success - yet something too many of us struggle with because no-one does it better than ourselves. Think of the frustrating points in your own career where you felt capable of handling more responsibility but no one was taking you seriously. Look around you – who’s hungry, who’s talented, who wants more? And how can they help you do a better, faster bigger job while developing themselves? Just remember to take time to deliver thorough briefings and exercise patience along the way.