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How film and video content make you an event marketing superstar

By Julie Yeudall

Social media marketing has triggered a change in the events we put on for clients, with a renewed focus on film content.

It’s now a central part of any event marketing plan we create because it extends the reach and shelf-life of that into public relations activity.

Video was considered a luxury for clients until fairly recently – something they’d look at doing for a really big event or a major campaign. It was expensive because not many people could produce films to a worthwhile standard, and there weren’t all that many outlets for the results.

Clients saw it as nice to do but not essential. Even if we were putting on something like a fashion show for a shopping centre ­– with models on the catwalk, a celebrity stylist and audience interaction – that made for good video content, the client would see a film as something that was there for posterity, a record of the moment.

That’s been changed by the way social media marketing gives video content the opportunity to grab people’s attention on their commute with some beautiful, engaging moving images.

In many cases, the video has become the post-event media pack. Why write about what you can show people – and there are so many ways to use it and distribute it.

Video is no longer an extra. Our event marketing plans include it as standard because of the value it adds in terms of improving engagement.

In-house video content production

We’re lucky to have a fantastic in-house videography department that produces films for us. It’s an integrated part of our team, and works up video concepts from the inception of the event.

Our videographers set out to capture the whole event, filming everything from set-up to the aftermath and the team’s celebration.

That allows us to do three things…

  • Firstly, we create the event film – tightly edited to show what happened and people’s reactions. This is kept short, sharp and shareable so that the client can use it for promotion on their website and social channels. We’ll often push it out on our social channels, too, featuring some in our Film Of The Week slot.
  • Secondly, there are bonus features that the videographer puts together. That could be short films that show the florist setting up a dining room and chatting about her styling decisions, or a look behind the scenes in the kitchen with the head chef. These films aren’t tied to one date or event, they’re evergreen video content that can be used whenever the client wants.
  • And thirdly, we put together an event overview film that’s specifically for the client’s marketing team – something they can use to show the management team, who provide the budget, what they did and what they achieved. It’s a client report in a video format.

Event marketing plans

Much of the work at our integrated communications agency is in retail and hospitality marketing and PR, and a lot of this can be event-based. Many of our event marketing plans are customer-focused, but there is also a lot of media relations events for journalists, bloggers and influencers.

It could be easy to alienate customers and guests because they’re not in that exclusive club but film is a way of letting them in and showing them what’s on offer so that they can visit and give that experience a go for themselves.

Those films make viewers part of the experience, even though they couldn’t be there, creating a moment that draws people into what our clients do and who they are.

What we always look for is engagement, and you don’t get more engaging than the moving image.

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