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How we can help you excel in PR and marketing

By Laurna Woods

We’re growing again. Nine more new names have entered the fold at Beattie in the past month as our integrated communications agency takes on clients across digital, PR and marketing.

And it won’t stop there. We have announced vacancies for five exceptional people with the talent and drive to join our ever-evolving agency.

It’s an agency where the only limits on what you can achieve – professionally, personally and for our clients – are your talent, ability and commitment.

It’s more than 20 years since I joined Beattie as a PR account executive. I got the chance to learn from great professionals, finding out how to work in clients’ best interests, handle media relations and crisis situations, define long-term PR and marketing strategies and win new business.

I climbed the ladder … account manager … account director … running a branch office … taking each new responsibility I was given as an opportunity to learn and excel. Then, after I was appointed CEO, I helped steer our transformation into a full-service agency, with offices across the UK and more recently, Canada.

You can’t stand still

This year, we’ve hit 20 per cent growth in several of our UK profit centres. In Canada, our Beattie Tartan brand has seen 40 per cent growth during its first year. You don’t achieve results like that by standing still. It’s a testament to the adaptability that we offer as an integrated communications agency.

The Beattie culture has always been based on ideas, ability and drive. If you have great ideas and the ability and drive to make them a reality, you succeed in PR and marketing.

And success also comes from always looking for what’s next. Riding the wave of new technology, we got into digital marketing in the early 2000s as we became the UK’s “most web-savvy PR agency”. Now our services cover website building, SEO, PPC advertising, content marketing, voice search, video production … the list goes on.

While there has been adaptation to the new media realities – as newspaper sales tumble and the internet takes its place – there’s also been stability. I have colleagues who have been by my side for 10, 15, 20 years even. Colleagues who started in account admin who are now directors.

Beattie Communications leadership

That’s not a sign of stagnation because we always welcome the kind of talented, passionate individuals we can learn from and grow with; these are our people who consistently deliver for us and our clients.

So what do we look for when we’re adding to our team? Quite simply, the exceptional. We hire the best people we can find, people who are as good as us – or better.

Share our values

We look for people who share our values: judgment, communication, impact, learning, innovation, courage, passion, honesty and selflessness. Then we coach them so that they reach their full potential – fast.

Two types of people figure large in our planning: creative geniuses and passionate unicorns.

PR and marketing require exciting ideas and innovation. While you can learn lessons from what others have done before, a fresh take can reinvigorate a brand or project. For creative geniuses, imagination and innovation go hand in hand with brilliant delivery.

When times are changing, unique individuals come to the fore. They stand out for their vision, energy and drive to make improvements. These passionate unicorns are agents of change and essential to the evolution of any creative industry.

Innovation and evolution drive the services we offer clients of our integrated communications agency. We expect everyone who works at Beattie to be able to contribute to the company outside of their area of expertise. That doesn’t mean we employ generalists, but a team of specialists who are open to ideas from outside their specialism and can, for example, spot the digital opportunities in a media relations brief.

The media has changed radically, even in the past five years, and opportunities abound in niches on the internet that never existed before. The future of our business – in fact, the whole communications industry – lies in finding those channels and predicting what’s next.

Think differently, perform exceptionally

We’re always looking for people who want to explore that new frontier, people who will think differently and perform exceptionally to achieve the results our clients dream of.

The rewards for the Beattie team are not purely financial. Our people thrive when we help them learn, recognise their achievements and help them fulfil their ambitions.

A happy team makes for happy clients, and that way we all win … ourselves, our colleagues and our clients.

If you believe you’re a winner, get in touch.

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