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By Laurna Woods

With Brexit destabilising the UK economy and fears of a global slowdown, I thought 2019 would get off to a stuttering start for Beattie Group.

I could not have been more wrong as we’ve added fees of nearly £1m across our four brands – Only Marketing, 11ten, Beattie Communications and Beattie Tartan.

How have we bucked the trend when all around the globe, companies are closing down, sheading staff or moving to cheaper economies?

In other words, has it been luck, good judgement of what?

Luck has played its part but I’d like to think good judgement had a hand in it also.

January has turned out to be our best new business month in more than a year because we saw tough times ahead and decided several months ago to put our money where our mouth is by investing in an aggressive sales and integrated marketing programme.

It’s helped us reel in a global consumer brand, an online retailer, an animal health brand, a European university and a North American data company.

By spending big on our marketing and communications, we have brought in seven new clients in January and, although we are only at the start of February, I fully expect that we’ll get into double figures this month.

We have been telling our clients and anyone who will listen that when times get tough, the companies that fare best are the ones who maintain or increase their spend in PR, social media outreach, digital marketing, content creation and content marketing.

The temptation might be to slash marketing spend but it’s not a wise move. It’s the companies that hold their nerve that take market share and emerge stronger from a recession as well as the self-inflicted wounds of Brexit.