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Keep all your bases covered: The benefits of an integrated marketing campaign

By Laurna Woods

An events organiser who wants to attract as big a crowd as possible to their function wouldn’t simply put up a couple of posters and hope for the best.

Anyone worth their salt would also contact local media, post on social channels, take out advertising if there was the budget for it, start a leafleting campaign and send out emails.

Because it’s all about getting the word out as far and wide as possible.

This, in simple terms, is an integrated marketing campaign.

It is multi channel marketing, offering a tailored experience to brands by drawing together a traditional campaign alongside digital media.

When putting together an integrated marketing strategy it is always best to consider the four Cs:

  • Coherence – do the different forms of marketing communication logically connect?
  • Consistency – are your messages reinforcing each other, and not contradictory?
  • Continuity – will your communications prove consistent over time?
  • Complementary – do all the strands work together to achieve your goal?

These are highlighted in Integrated Marketing Communications by Pickton and Broderick, but the point they make is that it’s all about the detail.

An integrated marketing agency will keep on top of the specifics - what is being published, to which channels, when and how it's being measured.

Knowing the audience and the desired outcomes will help to inform the decision-making process.

Then drawing up a specific integrated marketing plan helps to eliminate mistakes and the chances of duplication. Having a presence across numerous media channels is the key to integrated communications - but without a detailed plan of what will be posted, where and when, there is a very real risk of losing control.

The joy of internet marketing is that it can be updated at the click of a button, but it also allows user-based research to be carried out in real-time environments.

Brands must do as much as possible to stay relevant to the consumer, who is looking for value as well as an emotional connection to a company.

Only by being creative can marketers tap into this need. This is one of the many benefits of integrated marketing.

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