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My internship with Beattie

Sophia Robichaux, from Alexandria, Louisiana, is a student at Texas A&M University and has been working in our London office on an eight-week internship.

Here, she explains what she’s learned:


I have always had a strong desire to travel abroad, and I was also constantly being told that it was crucial to my future career to obtain an internship. So I did some research and got into an international internship program, which placed me with Beattie Group.

Prior to this year, I had yet to travel across the Atlantic. But I refused to complete my undergraduate degree without having done so. Beattie has provided the perfect opportunity, and I could not be more grateful.

As a Marketing major, Public Relations was outside of my comfort zone, but I was excited about what I would discover about PR and its relation to marketing. I have come to realise that PR might actually be my preference.

I love the way Beattie forms relationships with its clients to develop proper objectives for PR strategy, and strives to achieve these objectives while maintaining authenticity and transparency between the client and the messages they are sharing.

I have worked with a number of clients, including Frylight and Specsavers. For Specsavers, I was tasked with creating a few weekly e-flashes. I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to exhibit a bit of creativity in layout and content development. Content development and graphic design are two areas I am interested in. For Frylight, I was required to do research in order to develop lists of potential invitees as well as a menu for a blogger influencer event.  This helped me appreciate how technology has allowed modern PR strategies to revolve around interacting with actual people in an accessible way. In my opinion, a blogger endorsing a product or brand maintains the authenticity that is often lost in traditional advertising.

My favourite part about interning at Beattie was the work environment – although the thought of obtaining my first job post-grad is still somewhat daunting, the culture and people at Beattie have greatly eased my concerns. I am so appreciative to have had this experience alongside co-workers who were incredibly welcoming and friendly, and still took to me after I asked them about a million questions a day.

I hope to find a company in the future with a work environment and company culture similar to Beattie.


If you'd be interested in doing a work placement at Beattie, drop us an email at recruitment@onlybeattie.com