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Searching for Relevance Amidst a Pandemic Part 2

By Daniela Young

We’ve already drilled into the changing tide in search, which unequivocally reflects the temporary shrinking of our worlds as a result of lockdown, business closures and continuing advice to ‘stay at home’.

Changing user behaviour is crowning new winners in the sphere of search, whilst highlighting those lagging behind. However, these times will pass, and brands must be ready to stage their own come back when the time is right – which means acting now.

Don’t get lost in consumer search

Our insights show that brands needn’t look too far when it comes to remaining relevant in the world of search as we await the ‘bounce-back’:

  • Deliver data-led content to provide insightful and entertaining information for prospective audiences to consume, engage with and share.
  • Utilise eye-catching visuals to grab attention of your clients across visual platforms such as Instagram and Google Display.
  • Develop thought leadership content to put your experts at the forefront. At the end of the day, they know best and now is their time to shine. This is also a great opportunity to show the personality and dedication of your wonderful employees.
  • Adjust messaging, visuals and calls to action to ensure advertising content is appropriate and sensitive in the current environment.
  • Nurture customers at the awareness and consideration phases of their decision-making journey with your brand. Ensure you are top of mind now, so when people are in the position to buy again, you can hit the ground running. This also helps to grow remarketing lists for future activity for when business as normal resumes.
  • Disabling all marketing activity only pushes back your ability to recover. It may not seem like it, but you likely have a rapt audience at home ready to be educated and entertained. Put the hard-hitting sales messaging on the backburner and show your softer side by keeping customers informed and engaged with educational, meaningful and uplifting content.
  • Focus on emerging micro-trends that may be relevant to your brand to increase relevancy and engagement rates.
  • Be mindful of outside influences – ensure you are communicating sensitively and considerately across all channels.
  • Check scheduled content and/or automated emails for appropriateness.
  • Demonstrate social responsibility and your caring nature by telling your followers what you’re doing to support public services and local communities in these difficult times.
  • Be warm, positive and genuine – now is a time to bring people together, in any way possible. If you have a good news story, share it!

Get ready to bounce back

We believe businesses which will recover fastest, emerge the strongest and perform the best in these uncertain times are those that keep activity switched on, and cleverly refocus their digital marketing strategies.

Putting our tips into practice should help your brand hit the ground running as life begins to return to normal, ensuring you’re ready to outpace and outwit the competition in what is guaranteed to be a crowded and over-saturated market place when the green shoots begin to appear.

If you’d like advice on how to adapt your digital marketing strategy to help navigate current challenges, contact us on 0800 612 9890. We’d love to hear from you.