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Selling to Today’s Digital Consumer – Part 2

We’ve already looked at how ecommerce brands can utilise data, key shopping days, and personalisation to grow in 2021. Now, we’ll explore how online brands can get ahead of the competition by influencer partnerships and taking advantage of evolving consumer behaviour.

Leverage Your Influencer Content

From ASOS to AMEX, online brands have tapped into influencers over the years to take advantage of their vast audiences. Besides reach, influencers breathe authenticity into brands, producing valuable content that resonates with consumers.

As lockdowns are making it increasingly challenging for brands to create their own photography and videos, leveraging influencer content in 2021 will be a key ecommerce trend.

We’re increasingly seeing brands adding paid media spend to this content by integrating it to their social advertising campaigns. This tactic allows them to gain more control over its reach and audiences.

How to take advantage

Reach out to influencers in your market and get them to help create content for your business:

  1. Make a list of local or micro influencers who share your brand values
  2. Build a relationship with them by providing free merchandise
  3. Give them the freedom to create the way they want to create
  4. Take advantage of new features on social media platforms to publish your influencer content (algorithms reward the use of new features.) For example, Reels on Instagram get more organic reach than regular posts or stories.

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Adapting your ecommerce advertising

Many consumers started to shop online to get what they need during the pandemic. This has benefitted several online brands as key ecommerce sectors have experienced significant YoY growth:


As we navigate this tricky pandemic world with ever-shifting restrictions and guidelines, it is important to take an adaptable and flexible approach to your ecommerce advertising.

Prolonged lockdown restrictions have meant that consumer behaviour has changed during the pandemic. With less access to physical shops, people are increasingly searching for convenience and this has seen sign-ups for subscription services soar over the pandemic. A marketing strategy that combines the two will be key for ecommerce success in 2021.

For example, Webbox, an online pet food brand, is launching a new ‘subscribe and save’ function on its website.  This service will help take the hassle out of re-stocking on favourite pet food and treats for loyal customers.

How to take advantage

If you have a subscription option on your online store, this is the year to shout about it. Enhance your digital marketing strategy and increase engagement by promoting the convenience of your subscription services.

But even brands that don’t plan on launching a subscription can still take advantage of this surge in convenience searching. Cater to consumers’ demand for ease of purchase by making it easier for people to re-order their frequently bought items. Feature these items in monthly emails or leverage your digital advertising to reach out to existing customers with highly personalised content.

Dynamic adverts synced to your online store allow you promote relevant products to people who have recently purchased them on your website. In turn, this will help drive repeat purchases for a lower cost.


This year will undoubtedly present more testing times as we continue to navigate the rapidly evolving world of pandemic ecommerce. Considering these ecommerce marketing tactics and implementing them into your strategy for 2021 will help give your brand the best chance of standing out and catapulting ahead of competition.

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