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Six steps to creative recruiting - how to attract the best people to your business

By Laurna Woods

A company’s greatest asset is its people. Let’s get that straight from the offset.

When a position becomes available within this firm, we don’t want a suitable candidate – we want an exceptional candidate.

Nobody has time to sift through a huge stack of poorly done CVs. So this is where strategic recruitment comes into play.

A good organisation is always on the lookout for emerging talent. And having the qualifications to do the job is not enough. There should also be a checklist of good qualities in an employee to look for.

Questions you ought to ask yourself include “Will this person fit in with the team?” and “Do they get our corporate culture?”

If you want to learn how to recruit the best employees, it’s time to get creative.


Lead by reputation

Begin the process of attracting top quality candidates by ensuring your brand mission statement is solid. If candidates are already employed by another company, don’t expect them to be grateful for any interest you may show. They have options. Your company culture should be the sort that great candidates want to be part of. Hiring those who align to your culture will help boost your brand. And if they love working for you, they can spread the word. Keep employees happy and motivated and this should be a straightforward process.


Market yourself

Start promoting your company culture. Use a social media recruitment strategy of highlighting the exciting projects being carried out, and the happy, dynamic team working on those campaigns. The best people will want to be challenged, and to learn from a creative environment. So let the quality of employment speak for itself.


Make it brief

A job description is nothing but a bland list of responsibilities and tasks. Much better to put together a job brief, tailored to appeal to the calibre of person you’re looking for, with details of the cultural dynamics, current projects and future prospects. Convey how this person can make a difference to the company and add value.


Streamline the process

The process of hiring employees, once suitable candidates have been found, should not take too long. Streamlining the interview system will not only set the company apart and attract top quality people, but it will avoid frustrating candidates who want to hand in their notice and move forward with a new role.


Publicize referrals

Let people know that you’re looking, and offer an incentive for sending someone your way. A financial reward is standard, but if the referrer is an employee perhaps extra holiday time would work. Outside of the company, a note in your email signature will alert business contacts to the fact you’re hiring.


Use non-traditional media

A video or podcast will make your company stand out as more interesting and dynamic. It is also a chance to convey something about your corporate culture. Whether it's through a fun video on YouTube showing how awesome it is to be an employee at your firm, or a recorded podcast describing the position, this will make you more appealing to the cream of the crop hires.