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The Inspirer: Learning from the best to grow your business

By Laurna Woods

I’ve always been a great advocate of the “can do” attitude – that the sky’s the limit and if you want to achieve something, you can.

Which is why surrounding yourself with winners, and learning from them, is something I would highly recommend in any business.

When working with someone more successful and experienced, coming at the situation with a positive viewpoint is the only way forward.

Think of the mentoring advantages. Consider yourself a sponge, soaking up knowledge on how to improve your business.

This is why the appointment of Kevin Roberts as Chairman of Beattie Group has been hugely exciting for me and everyone within the company. He’s only been in the role a couple of weeks, and he is already inspiring the senior executives.

An international business leader and former Chairman and CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi, Kevin will coach the senior team and help grow Beattie and its Only brands across the world.

As a creative communications group, Beattie knows the importance of mentoring to get the best out of staff. We all bring certain skills and strengths to the table, and if we can share those with our team, then we can only get stronger.

This is how to be a successful business. People are key to the success of any organisation and we should celebrate the achievement of our colleagues, seeing them as a benefit to all.

And there’s certainly plenty to celebrate in having Kevin Roberts in our corner.

With prior leadership roles at Publicis Groupe, Lion Nathan, Pepsi-Co, and Procter & Gamble, Kevin is the founder of Red Rose Consulting, specializing in leadership, marketing, and creative thinking.

He is chair of CricHQ, a global sportstech company, and chair of My Food Bag, the New Zealand food home delivery service.

In addition to his business roles, Kevin is a global educator, having taught at 35 international business schools. And he is Honorary Professor of Creative Leadership at Lancaster University Management School, where the Lancaster MBA is ranked by the Financial Times as first in the world for corporate strategy.

We should all embrace the role of mentor within our organisation, passing on skills to those around us.

But it doesn’t matter how much you climb the corporate ladder, or how high you get. The most successful people in business are continuously learning.

So look for opportunities to pick up additional skills from your peers and colleagues. It doesn’t have to be a professional mentor or even someone with time to train you. A watch and learn brief can help.

Does someone have good negotiating skills – and would they be willing to let you listen in, next time they cut a deal?

Success breeds success. You should never be intimidated by those whose achievements are beyond your own.