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Where is social media headed in 2017?

By Laurna Woods

Where is social media headed in 2017?

The world of marketing and communications has been transformed by social media.

Social trends can heavily influence the direction of a campaign and many social platforms often work together to give an integrated marketing strategy a far wider reach.

But what are the social media predictions for the year ahead?

All about the ratings

Consumers already trust reviews and user-generated content more than anything else, but in 2017 ratings will be everywhere.

Not just for dining, shopping and customer service experiences. Social media trends will go towards even more qualitative ratings for content on apps and social media, along with algorithms which sort and display content based on those reviews.

Employers get on board

Social media will be more tolerated in the workplace, as employers begin to realise how a professional use of social platforms benefit their brands.

As millennials claim higher positions of leadership there will be a massive shift in attitude and employees could even be required to have a presence on social media to boost a company’s visibility.

As social media marketing evolves, so will the use of platforms to communicate on a professional level. Facebook has also been working to build out Messenger as a new platform for direct connection with brands. Automated bots are now active on the platform, although consumer adoption is slow – but a perceptual shift is likely to take place over the next year.

Falling down the rabbit hole?

Almost 9 out of every 10 millennials currently get their news from Facebook, and because of the workings of the newsfeed algorithm, users will receive more stories like the ones they’ve engaged with in the past.

Among the many 2017 social media predictions, the most interesting is that users will find themselves in an echo chamber – surrounded by news and ideas they already agree with.

Since Facebook and other social platforms have no plans to reduce the power of these echo chambers, the question is whether people will choose to fall deeper into the rabbit hole, or bail on social media completely.



Don’t speak….

With users demanding more content and faster experiences, social media will strive for more concise communication.

Emojis will grow in popularity, as they provide entire sentences with just a symbol or two.

Facebook has already released emoji “reactions”. Competing platforms will no doubt come up with their own as faster, less thoughtful communication continues to grow.

As a result, social media marketing trends will see more messages conveyed in a less verbal manner.

Brands on film

Virtual Reality is creating big opportunities to provide more dynamic customer experiences and change the way consumers communicate with brands. Traditional social media will no doubt transform into virtual interactions between brands and customers. It will become a well-used tool for storytelling and engaging audiences.

And with brands embracing live video, shot in a casual way, in order to converse naturally with the customer, 2017 couldn’t be a more exciting time to develop a social media marketing strategy.


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