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Why content marketing is king in your digital marketing strategy

By Laurna Woods

Content is king. Bill Gates got that spot-on back in 1996, when the internet was new and the phrase “content marketing” was just being coined.

A good read, an entertaining video or a quality podcast get people talking – increasing brand engagement and awareness.

You don’t want wishy-washy, half-hearted writing or video or audio – you need something with confidence and authority to cut through, something that adds value to the visitor’s experience.

Get your content right across your digital channels and users won’t even realise that it’s a part of your digital marketing strategy. Or if they do, they won’t mind because you’re making the time they spend there a worthwhile investment.

That’s why we announced this week that we are integrating our content creators and content marketers into one team, so they can spark off each other and gain greater insights that our clients will benefit from. The content works twice as hard as the marketers’ expertise makes it more visible in searches.

We’ve also added an in-house videographer to our further strengthen our in-house graphic design and web design team so we can react more quickly to the demand for a richer media experience. Users react to great images as readily as they do to great words.

The joined-up team will create every type of content that can be seen or heard and market it to the right audience on the right platform at the right time.

Providing great content

To be honest, Beattie has always been about providing great content. Back in the days when press cuttings were the be-all-and-end-all of public relations, we took on journalists who could talk and write in the language of newsrooms and magazine editorial teams.

You’d be surprised how often their press releases turned up untouched in print, even in the days when newspapers had much larger staffs.

But we have always moved with the times as public relations and marketing have evolved to cover everything from fielding press enquiries and dealing with online influencers to running social media channels and building websites.

And you can’t get success in the online realm if nobody is looking at you. Much as it is SEO that drives web traffic, great content is what drives people back to a website time and again.

It could be the relatively simple aspects of content creators’ work, like the work we do for Barracudas Activity Day Camps.

There, we create engaging blogs on children’s activities that have made it a go-to resource for many frustrated parents, leading to more mums and dads booking their kids in for summer camps. It’s simple and effective content marketing.

Special events

Meanwhile, we constantly update the content of Apex Hotels’ website. Regular fresh, SEO-rich copy is produced for each of its 10 hotels to reflect upcoming special events and special offers, while there are extensive pages about what each city they are based in has to offer visitors.

Apex staff even contribute their suggestions for places to eat and things to do, lending the personal touch that is at the heart of the company’s #WarmerWelcome philosophy.

We had further success with High Street TV last year, working up a series of recipe videos that drove sales of their kitchen equipment by demonstrating tasty meals that can be easily made. That rich media experience won’t date, either – it is evergreen content that will serve their needs into the future.

Then there’s the social media-driven campaigns that bring together all the strands of content creation and marketing. For example, we’ve earned multiple awards nominations for our outstanding work on Seven Seas supplements’ #TRUEAGE campaign.

Once consumers were on the Seven Seas #TRUEAGE website, a bespoke, purpose built Omega-3 calculator took users’ health information to identify if they should increase their Omega-3 levels with Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil.

This also allowed us to provide users with personalised, targeted content for the purpose of increasing product sales. Those clever tools and slick websites are worthless, however, without quality content that keeps consumers returning.

Increasing brand awareness

The fact is, things have come full circle. Not that long ago, SEO practitioners were predicting that SEO would kill PR. But now, there’s a realisation that engaging content is hugely important and, due to search engine algorithms, is crucial to increasing brand awareness and visibility – I’m really proud that it’s something Beattie has always known and always championed.

Our content creators are former journalists. We know that with the situation in print journalism, there’s a lot of talent out there with the unique ability to write content to fit any market or taste, to engage any audience.

We might call them content creators, but really that’s just another name for great creative writers.

Our content marketers, too, are experts in what they do; providing insights into methods and trends that we can then assist our clients to exploit.

In this digital marketing age, it makes sense for the creators and the marketers to work together ever more closely.

The platforms might have changed, the methods of customer engagement might be evolving – but the need for great content has always been there and will always be there.

It’s not just website content that needs to be right. A strong content strategy will define content themes and topics for every digital channel that a brand actively uses.

We know how your brand can influence the people who matter. Call us now on 0800 612 9890 to discover more.