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Why go for integrated marketing?

By Laurna Woods

Integrated marketing creates a unified and seamless experience for consumers to interact with a brand.

It usually starts with a big idea.

That big idea may be the perfect way to sell your brand. But how do you communicate it across all aspects of marketing, such as advertising, public relations, direct marketing and social media – making them work together as a consistent, unified force?

Integrated marketing communications is a process designed to ensure all messaging is consistent across all channels and centred on the customer.

Integrated marketing communications will:

  • Build trust - a customer appreciates a strong, consistent message
  • Increase efficiency – your campaign will flow
  • Save money – photography, graphics and content can be shared among all channels
  • Drive ROI – a strong, consistent message will lead customers to take action


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At Beattie we know the value of a comprehensive plan which evaluates the strategic roles of a variety of communication disciplines and brings them together to provide clarity, consistency, and maximum impact.

We are all about ensuring a brand is consistent in marketing both online and offline. This is key to having consumers understand the marketing message.

The result? Getting your market to take action, bringing a positive return on investment. It gives brands competitive advantages, drives ROI while saving on budget and time.

Because integrated marketing communications helps a brand to spend the right amount towards the most effective approach, to yield the very best results.

We’re all about the big idea. But we know how to translate it through multiple channels, so it makes maximum impact on your target audience.

When decorating a home, you want the rooms to complement each other, the flow of the property to be seamless and the whole effect to reflect your personality.

And so it should be with brands and their marketing strategies.


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